September 29, 2011


I'm currently in Shangri-la right now for a meeting with my monster and my sister's wedding coordinators and I just wanted to take a time out of my somewhat busy day to thank my beautiful friends for
supporting me. I started the tutorial knowing that I wasn't going to get much views and that I wouldn't receive the support my friends gave me. I was pretty much embarrassed at first when they started posting it on twitter but I kind of liked it. It was sweet how they kept retweeting it and they even included mini comments as well which of course melted my heart :) Yay for supportive and loving friends!

Anyways, I'll be making a video sometime soon with the help of my talented friends but for now you guys will have to stick with my semi ok quality. Well I have to go now! Thanks for reading, my non-existent readers!

Xx Francine

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