September 29, 2011


I'm currently in Shangri-la right now for a meeting with my monster and my sister's wedding coordinators and I just wanted to take a time out of my somewhat busy day to thank my beautiful friends for

September 24, 2011

Natural Nautical Beauty

Finally I had the time to edit and upload this video! It is my first video and hopefully the way I edited it wasn't too sketchy.

September 22, 2011


Sorry I've been kind of MIA but I've got news! From the comment that I received on my last post, it was requested that I make a tutorial on the looks I did on my friends Aly & Keena. I was able to record the look that I did on Aly on myself and will be posting it once I finish editing it. Can't wait, hopefully you guys will like it. I had a hard time filming since I do shoot using my D90 which doesn't have a flip lcd screen and autofocus. Update you guys soon!


September 16, 2011


Some of you have probably seen me post this before but I just wanted to show you guys the looks I've done on myself and on my friends before. Click to enlarge and to see it better! Enjoy!!

Rainbow Eyes

Cheshire Cat

Arabic-ish Eyes (with a twist)







Okay, don't worry I'm not going to babble every single detail about me but I'm going to try my best to introduce myself..

My name's Francine and I'm an 18 year old Manila native. I'm probably not the best person at what I do but I try and I'm always satisfied with the outcome of things. My passion for beauty and fashion has grown tremendously throughout the years, so I decided to start a blog so I am able to keep record of inspirations and daily ramblings. From time to time you will see me post product favorites and make up looks. Probably some works that I've done in the past as well. I'm actually planning on starting a youtube channel with my friends for make-up looks so we'll see!

With that said, I leave you a picture of myself!
Have a good day all!