October 1, 2011


From the title itself I made a sudden decision to join my folks and my brother to sin city! It took a little more than a push to get me to agree because missing more than week of school is pretty crucial. Well I made up an excuse and I'm praying that none of my blockmates see this. Well with the exception of my friends of course, they're fine with it haha!

I just tried to look at the brighter side of things like how I get to see my friend Reah for the second time this year. How I could purchase more clothing, which has gone totally scarce lately and more purchases of make up!!! What a great way to start my October!

And besides, I've been eyeing to get the Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Clutch, maybe this time I am able to sweet talk the momster and fajah..

What I can say about this sudden decision is that when there is an opportunity presented to us we shouldn't hesitate but instead we should grab it. That's what's life is about anyways. I think I'm going a little way too off topic here. Anyways, my tummy is kinda growling, I'm at the cx lounge so free food is calling! Till then, tooooodles!

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