August 14, 2012


Wow, it's definitely been a while since I've last posted something. I've been posting videos on my youtube channel so be sure to check them out.

My friend Jam and I decided to do photoshoots every Thursday starting with our model friend, Keena. I provided the make up while Jam provided her talented self, camera and clothing. We had so much fun doing the shoot I even made a  mini behind the scenes just for the tutorial. Keena's a natural at modeling, almost second nature to her. She really knows how to pull off a fierce and effortless look.

 For her make up, I focused on simplicity but I made sure to fill in her brows and add drama to her lashes. She has on a lavender flower print silhouette, this garment allows the sunlight to pass through giving a beautiful effect on print.  Here are a few photos of Keena shot by Jam as well as the video to the look.

Model: Keena Bautista
Photographer: Janelle Inojales
Make-up: Francine Gacrama

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