May 15, 2012


Every summer, my friends and I take a 3 hour long journey to Tali in hopes to escape the city. Each year we make memories to cherish and keep. We lay out by the rooftop to watch the stars and 
unconsciously fall into deep sleep beneath the heavenly bodies. We'd jump off the cliff to get our adrenaline pumping and take deep breathes as if it were our last. Tali was our haven, our comfort zone and I've come to know it as my summer home. Five youthful years have gone by and maybe it has come to an end. I felt a bit emotional but of course I kept it to myself. I had planned a video montage of our trip. I am satisfied with the results although I lack a little bit more content. It is what I want it to be. I will post it once it has been converted. 

I am thankful for Marga who invited me to accompany her each summer along with our other friends. 

Our sunburn may be our only physical and temporary reminder of Tali, but our memories will last a lifetime.

 I am thankful for the five year of sun, sea & sand.